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Exhibition Status

 Location & time period

Layout manager
OO finescale Stratford Road In storage, could be available U.K. East End of London in the period 1955 to 1968 Peter Vestey
OO finescale

Broadgate Street

Under Construction - 2023

All track has now been laid and point motors installed on one board. Wiring is in progress with the control panel also being looked at.

Club Secretary
OO Arbor lane In storage UK heritage Bill Bradbury
OO Kenneth Hall Possible The layout is in storage after being donated to the club.  
OO9 Midshire Llight Railway Not currently available

Free style narrow gauge layout based on nowhere in particular

Club Secretary


Bergholt Junction

 Under construction

UK - London East end 1950/1970s Ron Miller


Hunter's Drove


 LNER 1947

This was Gerry Greenwood's final layout. 
 The club has refurbished  it in memoriam.


Alan Pittard

N PIM Under construction Modular - Any place,  Anywhen Ian Child


Privately owned layouts available through the Club. 


Exhibition Status

 Location & time

Layout manager
OO Aardmoor Bridge Not currently availablevailable   Club Secretary
N Buda Available for exhibitions Buda Illinois, 1960-90, BN main line Paul Evans
N St Saviour St Available for exhibitions BR corparate Blue Tim Chandler

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