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Club Room at Armoury Farm, Armoury Lane , West Bergholt

New members welcome.


Under 16s must be accompanied by a "responsible adult"


Adult membership

£35 per annum, and a weekly fee of £5.00.

Main Club night Thursday Evenings 2000-2200


The club is loosely arranged into layout groups and you can belong to more than 1 layout group.  For the digital enthusiast, the club uses either Lenz, the early adopters, or NCE.   Currently no club layout uses computer contol... 


Gauge / Scale

Layout Groups


 Fine Scale OO

Broadgate Street


This is a new layout currently under construction by the ‘Fine scale OO’ group of Colchester and District Model Railway Club.


The group’s previous layout Stratford Road is in storage.


There are several  OO layouts/groups in the club. 

Arbor Lane, is another llayout being operated by DCC.  Arbour Lane has been re-configured as an out & back layout with a turntable on each end.  The new version would have come to the 2020 exhibition.

The group have started on a new layout - Broadham


Trevor's Green for St Aida's Quay is a large tail-chaser  using conventional DC controls with switched sections.  The layout also has a DCC circuit. 

Seige Street - In Storage. .A replacement layout is being discussed.



Mid Shires Light Railway 

U.K. N scale

The club ihas refurbished Hunter's Grove,  This group is now currently track laying  on a new layout - Bergholt Junction, which is a tail chaser based on East London 50s/60s era with mixed livery ie no particular region.This lis a DCC layout


Modular N Gauge.

 The club is working on a set of modules which are configured as a twin track main line with a turning loops/yard at each end.  There is no specified geograpihic location or time period for the modules.


This lis a DCC layout











O Gauge

Other Scales & Gauges


The club has had active layout groups in other scales and gauges in the past. Although some members model in these gauges, there are no currently active groups in the club.


Hills Country (N scale American ) is no longer with the Colchester Club.  It is now located near Aberdeen.



The Continental HO layout, Donauhafen, has been dismantled.  The club no longer has an active HO continental group


The O gauge layout West Berg Halt and Holden Market has been dismantled.

Although the club does not formally meet on Tuesdays, a layout group are able to use the club facilities on Tuesday evenings..

Several of the club members have their own portable layouts which are exhibited under the Club Banner. These layouts are occasionally seen up at the club, usually just prior to going out on the road.


Club members are expected to help at the Club's annual exhibition.  The 1 day exhibition is held at the end of October / beginning of November.

The other main club event is the Open Day in late March / early April.  The Open day is basically a trial running day under semi-exhibition conditions, as you have to break the layout down, transport it, re-assemble it and then try running it.  The layout groups use it to find the first lot of gremlins.


Club Structure 

The Club is a Company Limited by Guarentee.

Every member of the CLUB, while he or she is a member or within one year after he or she ceases to be a member, undertakes to contribute to the assets of the CLUB, in the event of the same being wound up, such amount as may be required, not exceeding £10

The CLUB shall have a minimum of two directors, one of whom shall act as Company Secretary. All directors shall be elected annually at the A.G.M.  The directors have the right to attend, speak and vote at committee meetings.

The COMMITTEE shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Exhibition Manager and One Ordinary Member, and they alone shall be empowered to manage and transact the affairs of the CLUB.   The directors may also be a committee member

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Last updated : 30/9/2022