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N Gauge Modules Ė PIM

The modules used the same twin track standard as the Thamesiders.
Each member of the group has produce a separate group of modules.

Ianís module is a 10ft group of boards based in the the UK. 


Overall view from LHS picture 01 general view start of shuttle
View from LHS rh end mid module# gradient for shuttle

Mike's modules, which are 7ft in length are geographically located in England.  He has  used Metcalfe Kits to make his buildings.  Currently the lpositioning of the buildings has not been finalised.

LHS Mikes left yard Right hand end Midddle
View from LHS left yard right yard right hand yard

Paul has provided 2 three-tracked turning loops , which are non location specific The turning loops / yards have Tam Valley hex-juicers  installed to provide automatic polarity switching. This enables continuous running round the reversing loops.

example of turning loops      
Turning loop unsceniced      



As a straight run the modules require 8.5m.    Other configurations, which would include 1 or 2 90 degee corners are available. The maximum width of the modules is determined by the turning loops i.e. 1.0m. 





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Last updated :30/09/2022

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