Hills Country Photo gallery


View of beams using 4mm ply with 22mm spacer

Polyurethane foam used to glue the top to the open frames

Constructional details

Bare hill showing the vertical scale of the layout

Constructional details

Viaduct - upper track crossing over itself.

Scenic details

Cliff face details

Scratch built plate girder bridge.

1 of 2 plate girder bridge.

Made from 10 thou plasticard.

Country end

Start of afforestation

Country End

View including freight train

Main Street

View looking east

Town from West

Town details

Town from the east End

This view show the cliffs behind the town with the high line running above the town.

MK1 - Yard at east end

Mk1 - Oil depot

This part of the layout was lost when the east end of the layout was remodelled.

MK 1 East end

Another view of what was lost.

View along the MKII layout

This view is looking down the layout from the east end.

It shows the layered construction of the hill over the helix.

The hidden helix

View looking to the MKII east end, showing the new hill which covers the helix.l

Looking to the Country

Show the modified route of the High line of the Mk II configuration.

California Zephyr

California Zephyr snakes into the yard from the low-level line